Insert logo into photos in bulk Online

Press Select image to upload an image → Select the stamp style as Watermark or Text → If you want to insert your logo, click the . button Watermark → Click Select Watermark image to upload logo → Select position, opacity… → Click Get Started.


What is a watermark? is text, image or logo that is watermarked (blurred) in images to prevent copying. This is a simple yet effective way to mark ownership own image files or document files (Word, PDF…).

While this doesn't completely prevent others from stealing, it does guarantee the user knows who the author is. If you insert the website address in watermark, they are more likely to visit the website to find it understand.{alertSuccess}

In a positive way, this helps speed up the process of promoting the brand brand.

Insert logo into photo in bulk online is a free online tool to help you insert logo or text into the photo, and the great thing is that you can insert for many photos at the same time. Not sure what the limit is but rest assured it's perfect fully meet the needs of the majority of users.

This tool can run smoothly on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phone. No need to download or install any software or tools any.{alertInfo}

Main feature

  1. Insert logos into photos
  2. Insert for multiple images at once.
  3. Insert multiple positions: You can insert in the left, right, top, in between… all 9 positions. If you want to cover the whole picture, that's okay too I don't recommend it (allergic to pictures like this).
  4. Logo or text format: Zoom in/out, rotate or blur all available.
  5. Runs in the browser, no need to download and install.

Basic User Manual

- See details here.

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