The worldwide generation of media is changing. It is annoying extra of era than anything. It is definitely tough to hold up with all of that hence, a medium is a must. We, SushantKarn Blog, had been set up placing the values of the one earlier than us that provide to enhance the lives of humans and hold them up with era.

SushantKarn Blog is the Leading Tech Review News Portal in Nepal that offers customers information, tools, and recommendations with the purpose of assisting them to decide (with Buy Guides and Tech Guides) to get the maximum out of the Tech. Our enterprise unfolds throughout the net through our diverse channel which incorporates the internet site itself, Pinterest and Twitter.

Every day, thousands of people visit to SushantKarn Blog to:

  • Read the Latest Tech News this is maximumly applicable to the Nepalese audience.
  • Watch impartial system opinions on our SushantKarn YouTube channel.
  • Find Solutions for the usage of our internet platform, where we clear up the respective troubles within 24 Hrs.
  • Find the goods proper for them

In today’s global in which people overseas are a lot conscious and feature a lot extra to explore, Nepal is deployed of centres and Tech environment. That’s what influenced us to return back into play. Though we're absolutely new to ideas in Nepal we goal to offer all of the ultra-modern Tech News and Events in Nepal and from all around the globe.

Suggestions are constantly welcomed, we don’t have to mention that, do we?

After all,


To Find More About SushantKarn Blog, Email us at sushantkarn.com.np@gmail.com.

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