How to get free Premium domain for Lifetime

How to get free Premium domain for Lifetime

In this blog, I'll show you how to get the premium domain for free for the rest of your life and install it on Blogger or WordPress. You should be aware that the domain extension has been a free domain name since 1996, implying that it is completely free and has a lengthy life.

Although is not a root domain but rather a subdomain of the main domain, there are several advantages to having this domain. However, the approach is fairly complicated, and the approval process for the domain request you submit takes a lengthy time (up to 7 days).

Why is it so tough to get the domain? is one of the oldest free domain supplier websites, dating back to 1996. Furthermore, the complication of registering a name is to prevent the domain from being used for unintended purposes. Users of the domain extension indirectly bear the service's good name, therefore if a violation is discovered on a blog hosted on the domain, the service provider can cancel it instantly.

As a result, the service may continue exist today with a positive reputation among internet users. Due to the activities of irresponsible users, numerous free domain provider services that have been operational for years have suddenly gone out of business. Domains are imposed on sites that break the rules in order to protect the service provider's reputation.

The goal of is to give free subdomain registration to all users and non-profit organizations that cannot pay the NIC's renewal costs.

The benefits of registering a domain

  • is an unauthorized subdomain of domain extension that can utilize cloudflare's name servers. Users obtain extra capabilities such as DNS, SSL, and CDN for free when they join their domain to Cloudflare, despite the fact that there is a restriction.
  • Can be installed on blogs, despite the fact that and are subdomains, and users do not need to set up their principal domain. This domain's DNS settings are the only way to customize it for blogger (there will be a tutorial later)
  • Because of its high reputation, the domain can be registered to become a Google Adsense advertising partner. You may use adsense accounts for livestock, but having more than one is a violation.

    Users will not see advertisements that appear on the blog after customizing the domain because the domain provider aims to provide a free subdomain to the organization and does not seek any benefits, so users will not see advertisements that appear on the blog after customizing the domain.
  • The free domain with no yearly renewal costs on the condition that the user does not break any of's rules or infractions.
  • Non-European sites are welcome to register, as Europe is not the only area where national NIC regulations apply. Indonesia is one of them. prohibits the following activities, which will result in domain access being revoked:

Your domain access will be canceled immediately if you install the domain on a blog or website that meets the following conditions. This applies to all users of the subdomain

1. Commercial site

Although domain is intended for non-profit organizations and people, it does allow for certain modest commercial sites. However, really hopes that a significant commercial-based site purchases a private domain from ICANN.

2. Adhere to the internet's standards

The owner of the subdomain must adhere to internet standards (RFC), which includes being cautious when registering the domain name to ensure that it does not contain any copyrighted trademarks.

3. Avoid spamming in bulk.

Domains should not be put on sites that participate in mass email spamming, domains for phishing websites, domains on sites that spread malware, or domains on sites that use blackhat SEO techniques.

Disadvantages of using the domain

  • To run its own name server, it must give third-party management authority access.
  • There is no live help, thus users must contact the service provider via email if they want assistance.
  • Domains can be removed at any moment if the user is suspected of purposefully or inadvertently breaking the service provider's regulations.
  • If you wish to put the domain on the sitemoney blog, you may have worry.

Requirements for obtaining a free domain:

Users must offer their own DNS hosting or DNS management as one of the conditions for getting the subdomain (take it easy for free). Although some people find this inconvenient and believe the domain is tough to obtain, it is simple if you have 5 minutes to spare.

I propose Hostry as a DNS manager because they provide a CDN service as well as a free DNS manager (cloudflare works too)

Here's a step-by-step guide to getting the domain for free for the rest of your life.

To obtain a free domain, follow the instructions on the guide.

How to register the free domain

If you're having trouble accessing the site, try using VPN (Europen Countries).

  • Visit the site to create account
  • Fill out the forum and create a free account.
  • Note: the address you provided should be of Europen countries to get fast approval
  • How to get free Premium domain for Lifetime
  • Login to your account and click on New Domain
  • Enter the domain name you want to use(Before entering,check the domain name)
  • The essential fields are filled up with your account information.
  • Scroll down, in the name server, and enter the following record
  • The following are the name servers of hostry:

    Name servers
    How to get free Premium domain for Lifetime
  • Click On Submit
  • If you've followed the steps in the instructions, you'll be able to view this.
  • How to get free Premium domain for Lifetime
  • You've now successfully made a domain request.
  • After your domain request is approved, you will receive an email notification.
  • Generally the domain is approved within 7 days to 30 days, enough

Setup a DNS manager

  • Go to the website
  • Sign up for a free account at
  • Confirm your email address. Confrimation mail migt be in spam foldar of your mail ID
  • Now log in to your account.
  • Click on the Services menu> Free DNS> Enter your domain you want to host in hostry for eg: "" then press Create DNS> click on Create
  • Now you can manage your domain to setup in any CMS easily from hostry.

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